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Fic title: Shards of Yesterday
Author name
Artist name: moodilylit
Genre: gen, end of season 6ish casefic.
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Disclaimer: I have no rights to any of the copyrighted free hit counterscharacters/material in this fic, and I make no profit from it. 
Rating: R
Word count: 15k
Warnings/Spoilers: Endish of season 6. The story was written for the 2011 SPN Reverse Big Bang.
Author's Notes: So, apparently I was more fuzzy on the order of happenstance at the end of season 6 than I thought. I was under the impression that Sam was having hallucinations that Dean knew about before the whole throw down with Castiel and random plot reveal in the season finale. Since I was wrong, the timeline in this fic is a little off when interpreted strictly as per canon. However, itt really shouldn't cause any problems in understanding what's happening.

I'd like to thank my fantastic artist, moodilylit for her hard work and infinite patience with my ...slackerness. You can find her art post HERE. Effusive gratitude also to elusive-life-77 who, as per usual, dragged, petted, and prodded me into finishing this project, and is generally just an amazing and fantastic person! Also to caz2y5 who continues to listen patiently to me in the long hours after midnight no matter how incoherent my typing become, and most definitely to emilia8388 and slightlysatanic, who mercifully answered my 11th hour begging for grammatical assistance and got drafts back to me with lightning speed! Thank you guys so much!

Summary:  The voices in Sam's head aren't the usual ones, and the poltergeist in the glass factory isn't making anything better.

Shards of Yesterday -- Part I )


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