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Midnight Of the Century - Section 3/7 )

Sam glared at her.

"Anything exceptionally dangerous," Jess hastily corrected. "And he is doing us a huge favor with Dean. Why don't you at least look into it, and if it seems like it might be a low key sort of thing we can handle, then ...we really do owe him."

Her eyes narrowed. "And the salt and poker is just good sense. Like locking the front door at night."



"I'll look into it. But if I say no, then that's it, Jess. You don't get an equal vote on this. Not on hunting stuff."

She nodded, satisfied. "Deal."
Midnight Of the Century - Section 3/7 )Midnight Of the Century - Section 3/7 )


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Title: Midnight Of the Century
Author(s): glasslogic
Artist: briarwood
Crossover: Supernatural/Millennium
Disclaimer: All material is owned by its respective copyright holders and no profit is being made from this story.
Type: Slash, Het, Threesome, AU, Crossover
Word Count: 62k
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Jess, Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess/Dean
Warnings: NC-17, some sex, some bad language, death - but not any of the above chars
Spoilers: None for SPN I don't think since it's AU from before the series starts, a few for Millennium
Summary: Sam hasn’t spoken to Dean in years. He went to Stanford Law and graduated, now he is studying for the Bar and planning a wedding for the spring. He sees Dean’s fetch on Christmas in a churchyard while attending service with his fiancee' Jess and her family. Fetches are death omens for those who will die in the coming year. Suddenly, Sam finds himself on the road, looking for his wayfaring brother and trying to figure out a way for him to avoid his fate.
Author’s Notes: This story was written for the 2010 sn_cross Big Bang. Notes and words of effusive thanks and gratitude can be found at the end of the fic - in the meantime I would like to thank asdis athanasia, kathickers, lilacsigil, dime-for-12, elusive_life_77, and fickleanactoria for being amazing betas, and of course briarwood, who did the outstanding artwork for the story.

Link to Individual Chapters Here on LJ:

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Link to Art Master Post: See briarwood's awesome artwork HERE! -- as well as embedded in the story itself.
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