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title: Crossroads of Eden
author:  [ profile] glasslogic
artist: [ profile] inanna_maat
wordcount: 48k
fandom: SPN
pairing: Sam/Dean
rating: NC-17
warning: Sex, blood, and language. It's an NC-17 vampire fic...
disclaimer: I have no rights to any of the copyrighted materials within this fic, and make no profit from it.
summary: It’s been two years since Sam nearly died in a hunter’s trap and accepted Dean’s offer to become a vampire. Two years of running and hiding as the gradual transformation slowly takes hold in a desperate gamble to put himself out of reach of the demons pursuing him. But two years is a long time to stay hidden from the world, and one little slip is enough to catch the attention of not only the demons searching for him and the hunters who want him dead, but also the one person in the world he least wants involved-- his father.

This story is a sequel to In Arcadia Ego

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