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This is the art package for my last entry for the 2013 SPN Reverse Big Bang. It was grabbed up by [ profile] deannawincester, who wrote Never Finished Paying For My Ride to go along with it! I hope everyone enjoys the fic as well as the art. I had a fantastic time working with her, and all of the author's who claimed my stuff this round, and look forward to the next go around!

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This is the art package for my second entry (of three) for the 2013 SPN Reverse Big Bang. I think I've done some kind of spacescape every year I've participated so far, there's just so many great pictures to play with! I did use the same font for this one and Askew *looks shifty* my laptop I usually do art on strangled to death on a decades worth of dust and lint and I had to use my work computer to finish this year, one of the unexpected casualties was my font collection. I'm still in mourning. The result was a limited selection, and it did seem to suit both... [ profile] keslei has done a fantastic job with her story, Traders Wild, inspired by this pic! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did :)

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This is the art package for my first entry (of three) into the 2013 SPN Reverse Big Bang. You wouldn't believe how many colors I tried on this thing! Some of them are quite, ah, eye-burning is probably not overstating it... But all's well that ends well! The ever lovely [ profile] verucasalt123 has written the story Askew for this entry. Everyone should rush right over to read it :)

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