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Fic Title: Fly Away Home
Artist Name: [ profile] sammycolt24
Art Masterpost: Here!
Genre: Gen for SPN
Pairing: OC only
Disclaimer: I have no rights to any of the copyrighted characters/material in this fic, and I make no profit from it.
Rating: R
Word count: 11,171
Warnings/Spoilers: None.
Author's Notes: I would like to extend my endless appreciation to the following people who stepped up to help me in my informational and grammatical questing: [ profile] reapertownusa [ profile] summerholt, [ profile] elusive_life_77, [ profile] caz2y5, [ profile] redfox_12, [ profile] lylithj2, [ profile] etrix, and of course the fantastic artist and lovely lady who created the prompt in the first place, [ profile] sammycolt24. Please don't hold any of them accountable *dryly* This fic was written for the 2012 SPN Reverse Big Bang. You can also read this story on A03 HERE!

Summary: Sam never liked witches much, and nothing about being sent half a century back in time is likely to change his mind.

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This is the art package for my second 2012 SPN Reverse Big Bang Entry. This art was claimed by the lovely and talented [ profile] cordelia_gray, who wrote Silver Apples Of the Moon for it. This fic is actually just the first entry into what should be a great space faring series!

Rest of Art Here! )
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This is the art package for my first entry for the 2012 round of the SPN Reverse Big Bang. The wonderful [ profile] deirdre_c was kind enough to claim it. I hope everyone gets a chance to read her fantastic story, If the Dam Breaks Open Many Years Too Soon! We had a great time working together (I had a great time working with her anyways!) and I can't wait for next years round!
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