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SPN Reverse Big Bang 2011    Gen, PG-13, 15k
The voices in Sam's head aren't the usual ones,
and the poltergeist in the glass factory isn't making anything in his life better.

2011/12 Undead Big Bang     Sam/Dean NC-17, 31k
College students are turning up dead, and Dean heads west to investigate after the son of a friend is added to the growing list. But “dead” in this case may be a slight exaggeration, and when Dean finds the recently deceased chatting up a bartender on the wrong side of the tracks it’s his first step into a mystery with roots much closer to home than he could have ever imagined, where all of the answers are confusing and the revelations just make things so much worse.

Werewolf Big Bang 2010     Sam/Dean, NC-17, 49k
Dean is lonely and depressed following the death of his father in a hunting accident. Guilt and grief are causing his life to spiral out of control, so he takes a rare moment of sobriety to walk away from everything and move to a remote cabin in the wilds of Montana. But it's a very different world up there for him than the town-to-town drifting he has know all his life. One night in a local bar, he gets into a drunken argument over the reality of werewolves and stumbles out into the woods to prove his point. But things never go smoothly for Dean, and what he finds changes everything he understands about hunting, his father, and even his own purpose in life. Dean has seen and done a lot in his time on the planet, but nothing has ever prepared him to navigate the strange roads of a relationship with someone who is only human three nights a month.

Sequel to The Cause Sanguine
SPN Slash Big Bang 2011     Sam/Dean, NC-17, 25k

Dean is a hunter and Sam is sort of a werewolf, but they are determined to stick together and overcome the challenges of the path they have chosen. Their latest problem is the recovery of a cursed mirror from the estate of a deceased hunter. The mirror’s curse doesn't bother Sam, but it stirs up old doubts for Dean as he is reminded that the only thing harder than facing the monsters, is facing yourself.

Vampire Big Bang 2010     Sam/Dean, NC-17, 32k
Sam is the only child of the great hunter John Winchester, but life under his father's thumb is miserable for him. When a scholarship gives him the chance to escape to college, he seizes the opportunity to leave the grim world of hunting behind for the promise of a normal life. But when the same unknown creature that killed his mother year’s earlier murders his fiancée, Sam, embittered and heartsick, returns to his father’s side. John seems strangely reluctant to have him there though, and soon Sam is hunting on his own. While stalking vampires in the central states, he is forced to strike a deal with one to save the lives of hostages. Now, torn between a hunting community that’s shut him out and a vampire that enjoys inflicting pain, his father missing and innocent lives over his head, Sam find that simple survival might be more than he can manage, and there are even darker things looming on the horizon…

Sequel to In Arcadia Ego    Sam/Dean, NC-17, 48k
It’s been two years since Sam nearly died in a hunter’s trap and accepted Dean’s offer to become a vampire. Two years of running and hiding as the gradual transformation slowly takes hold in a desperate gamble to put himself out of the reach of the demons pursuing him. But two years is a long time to stay hidden from the world, and one little slip is enough to catch the attention of not only the demons searching for him and the hunters who want him dead, but also the one person in the world he least wants involved -- his father.

SPN J2 Big Bang 2010     Sam/Dean, Sam/Ruby (implied), NC-17, dub-con, 95k
Seven years ago Dean Winchester paid his due to the Crossroads Demon and fell into Hell. Grief almost killed Sam, a demon blood addiction came closer, but he rid himself of demonic attachments and spent years building himself a prison where no demon can set foot, determined to take himself out of the apocalyptic game that had crushed his family. But each year on Earth is an eternity in Hell, and now Dean is back. Angry, powerful, and demonic; he has a plan to wreck vengeance on those who destroyed his life. A plan that will shake the foundations of the Pit and send shock-waves into Heaven. Dragging a reluctant Sam in his wake, will Dean manage to pull it off before the combined legions of Hell get their act together enough to stop him?

Sam/Dean, R  Missing scenes from Fortress.
Sam and Dean escape from the psycho-demon-killing cult in Arizona, but all is not well. Dean needs to find a new host before the clock runs out on Sam's life.

Sequel to Fortress
SPN J2 Big Bang 2011    Sam/Dean, NC-17  62k

Lilith's plans are in shambles and the door to Lucifer's cage has been well and truly lost, but Dean is still a demon and Sam is still bound to him with an entangling curse of sex and blood. All things considered, though, Sam's life could be worse and he is making peace not just with Dean, but with his own growing psychic gifts and the barrage of seemingly meaningless visions they inflict on him. But strange winds are starting to blow and after a series of disasters strike, Sam discovers that the greatest danger might not be the demons hunting them or their unfulfilled quest, but rather the secrets that still lie between him and Dean. If Sam can't fix things before time runs out it won't be the Apocalypse, but it will still be the end of the world...

SPN Crossover Big Bang 2010     Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess, Sam/Dean/Jess, NC-17, 62k
Sam hasn’t spoken to Dean in years. He went to Stanford Law and graduated, now he is studying for the Bar and planning a wedding for the spring. He sees Dean’s fetch on Christmas in a churchyard while attending service with his fiancee' Jess and her family. Fetches are death omens for those who will die in the coming year. Suddenly, Sam finds himself on the road, looking for his wayfaring brother and trying to figure out a way for him to avoid his fate.

Sequel to Midnight Of the Century
SPN Crossover Big Bang 2011     Sam/Dean/Jess, R, 32k
It has been two months since Sam and Jessica followed a vision and rescued Dean from certain death, and the physical wounds have all healed. But lingering questions still trouble the new relationship they have forged and two months is six weeks more of doing nothing than Dean can handle gracefully. What should be an easy recovery of stolen items in South Carolina looks to be the perfect opportunity to try their new dynamic in the field, but things that look easy are often deceptive and between cursed jewelry, madness, and the involvement of a shadowy organization they have been warned repeatedly to avoid, the repercussions they face are like nothing they could have ever imagined.

Left 4 Dead Big Bang 2011     Gen, R, 14k
Dean thought crawling through sewers was his least favorite kind of case, until he and Sam wake up one morning in a desolate reality populated by the living dead. Suspecting divine intervention as the cause, but having no idea of why, the two of them join forces with a small band of survivors to up their chances of making it in this strange new world that is so similar to their own. But the people who rightfully belong there have remained human because they are immune to the zombie plague, as reality-tripping interlopers - are Sam and Dean?
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