Nov. 1st, 2014

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Title: Sundown, Kansas
Author: glasslogic
Word Count: 9k
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Vampires and new beginnings. Apologies, but ths might not make much sense if you aren't familiar with In Arcadia Ego, The Crossroads of Eden, and maybe In the Low Places. This takes place about ten years, more or less, after Crossroads. It should still be understandable, I just don't know how absorbing without the background.
Disclaimer: Anything you recognize isn't mine.

Posted for the Evil Sam Fright Fest 2014.
The moderator promised me Sam only had to be a little evil.
Possibly only evil thoughts. Maybe only eats one person.
Yeah, I'm bad at this.

Author's Notes: This story is entirely the result of, and dedicated to, the general awesomeness of [ profile] elusive_life_77. She is my gaming buddy, writing partner, dear friend, and kindred spirit. Plus, I think she read the first chapter of Requiem about thirty times before I reluctantly moved on to the second chapter. There may or may not have been threats involved. That takes a special kind of love and patience. I was quite done with In Arcadia as a general thing, and then she happened to mention a few weeks ago that this was her favorite of my verses, and she was sorry not to get to see what happened when Sam woke up. Since she's been dragged facedown through Fortress and various other projects over the years, I thought the least I could do was try and do this for her. It's also a surprise! So it's the only thing I've posted that she hasn't checked the story flow on, and I apologize if things are a little off kilter. It is, as you can see, entirely her fault. The, ah, beta period in general was a little rushed. [ profile] walking_tornado, hereafter referred to she-who-should-be-cannonized (added to the illustrious ranks with such luminaries as [ profile] vodou_blue, [ profile] firesign10, [ profile] elumir_calemmir and [ profile] saraid, among others who have bailed me out when the chips were down) helped enormously and I am gratefully in her debt. All remaining errors are entirely mine, as per usual. Also, like last time, to do the title banner for this timestamp I used part of the original IAE main banner created by the utterly amazing [ profile] inanna_maat! Available on A03. And a special thanks to [ profile] pushkin666 for hosting the challenge and letting me play!

Sundown, Kansas )


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